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Why Make A Will

At Clarity Partnership we meet many people who don’t realise how important it is to make a Will, and keep it up to date. In today’s modern society, with families experiencing second and third marriages, single parenting, and growing social care costs, getting sound advice before making your Will is more necessary than ever before.

What Happens If I Don’t Have A Will?

Did you know that if you don’t make a Will, under the rules of intestacy your spouse or civil partner only receives the first £322,000 of your estate absolutely. Of the remaining estate, your spouse or civil partner is entitled to half the value until they die (known as a life interest), and the rest is split between your children, or grandchildren, if your children have already died.

It’s Never Too Late

People are often surprised to discover how many of our customers have recently retired, and don’t have a Will. For others, who made a Will more than 20 years ago, they simply need advice about updating their arrangements.

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The good news is, no matter what your current circumstances, we can get your wishes drawn up into a new Will, quickly and very affordably.

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Have You Considered?

What Happens To Your Children If You Died?

Imagine a fatal car accident – who would look after your children if you died? If no-one came forward to look after them, your children could be taken into care. You can easily avoid this scenario, by appointing Guardians in your Will now.

What Do Your Children Get If Your Spouse Re-marries?

If your spouse re-marries after you die, and your spouse then dies before their new partner or spouse, your children could receive nothing from your estate. Writing a Will now, ensures your children will be looked after properly in the future.

Could Your Partner Afford Long-term Care If You Died?

If your home is owned as ‘joint tenants’ and you or your partner dies, the entire value of the property could be included in an assessment for long-term care needs for the surviving partner, significantly reducing the estate left for your family.

How can we help?

Straight forward advice

At Clarity Partnership, we will sensitively review your arrangements, and clearly explain how Making a Will would work for you and your family to represent your best interests.

Help To Make Your Will

We will guide you through the process, including drawing up the necessary forms, overseeing the signature process, and carrying out the Will registration for you.

Document Storage

We also offer storage of your Will papers. If you would like us to, we will store your registered documents for future safe keeping.

Fees & Charges

We will be always be clear about our fees, and where other charges apply.

Client Reviews

  • ‘When it come to setting up our wills, the advice we received from Clarity Partnership was extremely informative and hassle-free. I would certainly recommend their services.’

    David B, Peterborough
  • From the outset Ian has impressed us with his no-pressure approach, He has shown total respect to our situation, which was far from straight-forward.

    I would have no hesitation to recommend him and Clarity Partnership for any will-writing and financial help.

    Adam D, Peterborough

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